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Developing innovative, mission-focused cybersecurity and technology solutions

Tetra Tech supports our customers with advanced cybersecurity services to proactively identify risk and inform cyber response activities.

Tetra Tech helps customers adopt No/Low Code platforms to quickly modernize their enterprise portfolio of information systems.

Tetra Tech’s Volans platform communicates complex information succinctly to public stakeholders in California.

The Tetra Tech Federal IT Group is a leading provider of innovative technology and management consulting services supporting the U.S. federal government, military departments, branches, and commands, and commercial customers as they improve organizational efficiency, drive mission results and transform their businesses to better service their missions. Learn more.


U.S. government departments, agencies, and commands


active U.S. government IT projects


IT professionals


security cleared professionals


years as a trusted GSA partner

Our featured federal IT highlights

Headshot of Bonnie Brandreth

Bonnie Brandreth Discusses Using Data Analytics to Strengthen the Modern Energy Sector

Headshot of Larry Grossman

Larry Grossman Discusses Cybersecurity Challenges and Opportunities 

Headshot of Veronica Cuello

Veronica Cuello Discusses a Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity and Risk Management

Headshot of Vincent Holloway

Vincent Holloway Discusses Advanced IT Solutions for the U.S. Department of Defense

Headshot of Melinda Tam

Melinda Tam Discusses How Cybersecurity Plays into the Digital World

Tetra Tech provides cloud architecture, application, and microservices development support on cloud migration projects

Cloud Migration and Microservices

Tetra Tech designs, models, and manages the U.S. National Airspace System

Modernizing the U.S. National Airspace System 

Dark blue abstract technology background depicting a cloud in the center. Tetra Tech’s Cloudamatic solution automates cloud services

Automating Deployment or Migration of Apps to the Cloud 

Tetra Tech Federal IT Group’s SBIR contract supports the rapid acquisition of advanced technology

Meeting the Mission: Rapid Acquisition of Advanced Technology through Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR)

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Our world-class technology experts leverage industry-leading technical expertise to improve organizational efficiency, drive mission results, and transform our clients’ businesses.

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